File Cabinet of Goodies
for use on MyLeague main pages.


      I FRAMES


An I FRAME is a frame that allows you to view another web page, from the original web page.  The only way to have "scripts" codes run on MyLeague main page is to place it in an I FRAME.

First create a web page with the script in it.

Second in the html code for the main page place this code:

<p><iframe name="I1" src="PLACE YOUR PAGE URL HERE" width="512" height="169">
Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.


      I FRAMES



You can adjust the width and height of the page.  In fact you can create an I FRAME to hold the entire page and use it to remote link the entire page.  You would just need to adjust the width and height for the page.

These frames are great for autumn leaves falling across the page, snow flakes floating or anything you can think of.  Also can be used for scroller text.

For examples check out:

Down towards the bottom of the page, I have used an
I FRAME to display the Double Digit Club winners.